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For those of us who care about politics... too much.

Enlightenment: It's Not What You Think

February 10, 2019

by Raymond Kresha

Since this is the "Enlightened Politiholic," lets visit about what Enlightenment means.

It is not a snobby, guru thing and is the furthest thing from it. People who are enlightened and not special in the worldly way of thinking about it. People who are not enlightened are merely asleep. They are dreaming a fantasy world of separation from our Source.

Enlightenment is many things, it is all things. It is the subject of many memes. It is not and end or accomplishment,it is what you do. Since Enlightenment is remembering that we are all One and that there is nothing separate from God or LIFE, whatever we do is key. There really is no "other." It's all us. That's it. Read More


The Wall Between the Parties

February 1, 2019

by Raymond Kresha

I am not sure I want to do this blog. It may not be wise or consistet with my spiritual principles.

Enlightenment is not so much of an experience as it is about what we do. Many spiritually advanced people have said so explicitly. It is not a special feeling, but more a remembrance that if Heaven is real and eternal, it is here and now as well as the physical; “it is at hand.” There is an element of choice in which world we focus on. Focusing on the physical world and engaging in politics can lead to hating, fighting, and attacking those people who do not agree with us. It might result in a major backslide, making Heave impossible. Read More


The Wall and Blame for the Shutdown

January 2, 2019

by Raymond Kresha

This is a classic Ego tactic – two sides blaming each other for the lack of agreement ona major issue, like what kind of country this should be. There is no such thing as being completely correct and the other side completely wrong – we won’t play that game here. There are always two sides to every story in Ego’s World. Read More


Politics is an Addiction of the Highest Order

December 23, 2018

by Raymond Kresha

Heaven and politics are an oxymoron – they do not go together. Until now.

Our purpose here is to get into the weeds of American Politics – and find our way forward to Heaven. It is not an easy task since we politiholics take things so seriously. In fact, we are addicted to the sense of power that goes with these serious and weighty issues, to the sense of entitlement, and to the sense of being right about what is good for everybody else. Read More



December 22, 2018

by Raymond Kresha

Many of our brothers and sister care too much about American Politics. Including me sometimes.

I have come to the view that when I hate my brother or sister, I am the only one who feels bad about it. It doesn’t change anything. In fact, it sometimes gets in the way of my spiritual growth. There has got to be a way to be spiritually aware and warm-hearted to ALL my brothers and sisters, including ALL politicians. Read More