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The Wall Between the Parties

Feb 10, 2019

Is this Blog a Good Thing?

I am not sure I want to do this blog. It may not be wise or consistent with my spiritual principles!

Enlightement is Reality

Enlightenment is not so much of an experiences as it is about what we do. Many spiritually advanced people have said so explicitly. It is not a special feeling, but more a remembrance that if Heaven is real and eternal, it is here and now as well as the physical; "it is at hand." There is an element of choice in which world we focus on. Focussing on the physical world and engaging in politics can lead to hating, fighting and attacking those peope who do not agree with us. It can result in a major backslide, making Heaven almost impossible to perceive.

Seeking Perfection on Our Own Terms

On the other hand, we chose, on some level, to be born into this world and now we have to make decisions on a day to day basis. It is obvious that the world we live in is not Heaven and many would like to make it into their own version of Utopia, where everyone is treated the same and all forms of justice are enforced. Some like this world because there is no God telling them what to do, even if it isn’t perfect. Not everybody agrees on what perfect should look like or how to get there. Is it even possible, with billions of individuals on earth, all of whom have their own opinions, languages, gender issues, etc., for us to remember the Oneness and perfection we so desperately seek? We might agree that we appear to be living in two worlds at once. One is the eternal world beyond birth and death, the other after birth and before death.

The Building of Walls

In observing the vast policial divide, or wall if you wish, now before us, it is clear that many people have their own ideas on what is the right way for our country to move forward. I know for a fact that NOBODY really knows for sure what that looks like because no one knows everything that is, ever was, or or ever will be. The old saw, "No good deed goes unpunished" might apply here. Walls are good in some cases, but they can prevent us from working together, even if we want to. Preventing bad and promoting good are often at cross purposes. The wall on the border, with doors and gates, is only needed when people ignore laws and rules. It is not One World, with One Government, not on planet Earth anyway.

Tale of Two Walls

It is possible that trying to make this world a better place might jeopardize our awakening into the Real Heaven by confusing what is real and what is truly important. In any case, the building of the border wall is symbolic of the wall between the political parties and their difficulties in getting along and working together. The wall makes it almost impossible to do that. All people in our lives are our brothers and sisters, from the same Source as us and part of the Oneness enlightened people seek. The thing is, when we criticize or condemn anyone or anything, we are condemning a part of ourselves and that is counter-productive. It is the real downside to doing this blog. Let's try to walk the tightrope of seeing the crystal-clear part of every human being and making life choices that are helpful to others, especially those who are seeking love and are obnoxious and insane. In a way, there is also a wall we put up to keep Heaven out. That is a problem.

It’s the Fault of the Other

When it comes to politics, it is too easy to fall into the thinking that is world is all that really matters and that what we think is right. We seldom think of what is good for others, because we believe there isn't enough stuff to go around and we are in competition everyone else. What is important is that we get our needs met, even if the other does not. Sometimes we lose money, jobs, family, and physical possessions and we become angry and with others and want to punish them for what we think they did. Sadly, many of us buy into this prevalent mindset. It is very common in politics!

Spirituality and Hatred

For example, many people are unhappy with the President and are willing to do anything they can to get rid of him. This sustained attack is contrary to all enlightened spiritual principles. It is not loving or forgiving. The trap is that when we feel attacked, we fightback. This is how Ego keeps the focus on this temporary world and off the eternal reality that transcends the fleeing non-permanent world of time and space. We can waste a whole lot of time! One must be vigilant to the trap of hating or even being annoyed by someone because it prevents us from feeling peaceful… and prevents us from being enlightened. It is a problem for us politholics.

Saving the World

It is wonderful that people try to improve this world or even want to "save" it. This is behind the push for socialism right now. The thing is, socialism works great in small cohesive groups, such as a family or small church. All involved must be on board, sharing the same ideals for the good of all. However, it is not such a good idea when it is forced upon larger groups that are not in unanimous agreement. It is almost impossible, in this world, to get everyone to see that what is in the best interest of the whole group, is also in their own individual best interest in the long run. Thus, for larger groups, socialism never works for very long. It can't until and unless ALL are on board and stay on board.

The Use of Force

The part of Socialism that usually blows it up, is when a small group of socialists force the other larger side to go along with it. The socialist wants all people to be treated the same way, meaning that those with too much money must give it to leadership to distribute to those who do have not as much. Many would call it "distributive justice." The definition of justice has to do with being fair and reasonable according to agreed-upon laws and ideals. The laws must be based on a generally accepted idea of what is right and wrong. Some believe that their ideas are right and it is OK to do anything to make them happen. Force with money and guns is a powerful concoction. Trouble is most people who favor socialism do understand how unpopular it is and want to find ways to trickle it down into place, before a final push can be made. These destroying or damaging traditional institutions and controlling or confiscating guns.

Why Regular Folks Do Not Like Socialism

Most Americans come from families that have fled totalitarian regimes, inlcuding most immigrants, legal and not. When someone comes around the tell them that the US should convert to a socialistic philosophy, they cringe. Communists, socialists, and like-minded others have crept into the Democratic Party, education, and the media, (all of which I have participated in). The thing is, some socialist ideas have appeal to some people. Everyone likes something for nothing. Everyone likes to help the unfortunate. However, where individuals and churches once were the social safety net, these new government safety programs addressing poverty, health and the environment seem like logical extensions of government power. People are now starting to realize that government and bureaucrats who make rules with the force of law are now pretty much in charge of everything. 

We Have Socialism Now

We have a form of socialism now, but have also noticed the gradual assault on governmental and social institutions that are cementing government power and demonizing anyone that doesn’t agree. This is the rub: church authority in the lives of their believers are now being eroded by policies favored by special interest groups. Abortion, gender issues, climate, energy, guns, charity, hospital, and a host of other isses are changing so that the government in charge of all of it. Taxes have gone up to support all of that, not to mention money has been borrowed to cover what they don’t have. The programs instituted over the last 50-60 years are resembling socialism more and more. The programs promoted by the Democratic Party would complete the change over to Socialism, maybe by another name. The tell-tale signs of socialism and coming totalitarian ideas are the hatred for the president, the wholesale assault on the possession of guns,  assault on religious beliefs, taking over the traditional role of churches in charity, and the demonization of anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This is not a sign of a “loyal opposition” but a disloyal revolutionary. With many politicians saying they are socialist, there is no doubt.

Policy Matters

Socialism, capitalism, does it matter? Enlightenment can come from either because they deal with the outer world. Enlightenment, many say, is an inside job, not dependent on government. In a real sense, it is the only thing that government cannot take from you, your decision for God and the Holy Spirit. Ego, the idea of separation from Heaven, likes to keep things stirred up and focused on anything other than how to come together in harmony. Walls are perfect for keepin people at each others throats, forgetting peace and harmony. You have to decide: will chaos help me remember, or will quiet remembrance?

In Some Ways, It Doesn’t Matter

The more governments change, the more they stay the same. Nearly every government starts with a small group taking over leadership of the existing government, make their changes and then settle in as the power. Sometimes the idealist agitators who sparked the “revolution” loses control and is are overtaken by those interested in wielding power and amassing wealth. It happens all the time. History is filled with examples of “palace intrigue”and there are numerous stories of kings and tyrants killing off their enemies, even those in their own family. Governments are more about power and control than the niceties of legal/ social/ economic/ distributive/ environmental/ occupational justice. The more government/kings/queens/dictators promise, the more it costs. The more it costs, the more they take from the energetic, ambitious, and productive citizens.  Pretty soon, nobody works much and the system becomes weak or collapses. These countries are vulnerable to outside enemies or revolution from within.

The Founders Try to Make the Best of an Imperfect World

The genius of the founders of the United States, who witnessed and experienced this themselves, is that they wanted to put the power into the citizens who would decide what the laws should be. They also recognized that a system of laws and power with the people, through their representatives, was vulnerable to people voting themselves other people’s money. Democracy is better than rule by a tyrant, but can be used by tyrants if clever enough to build needy majorities. The ‘vote for me and get freebies’ at the expense of the rich is an example of a good idea gone wrong. People are never happy with “just enough.” The founders also knew that they made a government for people with a common moral compass. It is hard to say if that is the case today. “One nation, under God” was the goal of the founders, along with respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is called the American Dream, but not everybody who lives here is willing to play by the rules of law set up to defend individual liberties. It was so at the very beginning. The stage was set to get rid of slavery, but it took a long time and a big fight (Civil War) to get it done. The ideals and goals the founders set out in the constitution were eventually born out when more people wanted to end slavery than wanted to keep it. Ironically, even violence can sometimes serve the good of all.

God is in Charge

Perhaps even this fight over the Wall is a good thing and will lead to good things in the end. The upshot is that this American constitutional system of allowing freedom of speech, religion, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness helps people move toward an awareness and remembrance of Heaven without interference from government. It has helped lead to an environment conducive to spiritual thinking and innovation. It is not by chance that wonderful philosophies like Buddhism and the Course in Miracles flourish here while other parts of the world try to destroy religion.

Sitting on the Wall

It is this understanding of politics which makes it difficult to seek Heaven and live in this world at the same time. We have chosen “ he world” for now, but some are wanting to chose Heaven, Peace, and Love. They can’t both be done at the same time. One must choose.

The answer? Don’t listen to me, listen to the inner guidance you receive from the “WholySpirit” through your conscience and intuition. Only the Whole has the big picture to see how to resolve this world. We may have part of the “truth,” but no one person has all of it. The insights we get can guide our individual acts on the way to our inevitable living in light, resolving inconsistencies in our bibles, laws, and government structures. In a world of stalemates and lack of agreement, let us agree to work toward loving each other and forgiving those who need it, so that we can love them again. We only need to do it in our own lives, allowing others to come to it on their own. We cannot make people want to do the right thing for the right reasons. We cannot do it wrong and every attempt affects the Whole of us!

      "Whatever you have done to me or will do to me in the future, whether you glorify me as a genius or put me in a mental institution, whether you adore me or hang me as a spy, sooner or later necessity will force you to comprehend that I have discovered the laws of living... I have disclosed to you the infinitely vast field of the living in you, of your cosmic nature. That is my great reward.        -Wilhelm Reich, renowned physician and psychoanalst from Austria