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Enlightenment - It's Not What You Think

Feb 10, 2019

Since this is the "Enlightened Politiholic," lets visit about what Enlightenment means.

Enlightenment is Not Special

It is not a snobby, guru thing and is the furthest thing from it. People who are enlightened are not special in the worldly way of thinking about it. People who are not enlightened are merely asleep. They are dreaming a fantasy world of separation from our Source. We all wake up, sooner or later. It is no big deal.

Enlightenment is a Realization, a Doing

Enlightenment is many things. It is the subject of many memes. It is not an end or accomplishment, it is what you do. Since enlightenment is remembering that we are all One and there is nothing separate from the Source of Life, what we DO is key. There really is no "other." It's all us. That's it. What we do about this realization and still get along in this separate world is what this conversation is all about. There are many ways to do this and as long as we are treating others with love and respect, it will work out.

Rules for Living and Getting Along

Politics is essentially our rules for living and getting along, trying to make sense of the mixture of beauty and ugliness, love and hatred. The thing is, Earth is Hell because Hell is defined as "the absence of God. God cannot be found on Earth using our bodily senses. Like the prodigal son in the bible, we left our spiritual home of Oneness and went off to explore what separateness would be like. Our Source is nothing if not creative, a talent we have as part of Source.

Feeling Like Source

Our bodies are made to prevent the remembrance of Oneness and experience only separateness. Creating oneness on Earth while retaining individuality and bodily preferences is what many are trying to do. Eventually, a choice must be made: the Oneness that has always existed and always will (Heaven) and the dream of separateness, which is temporary and will eventually disappear into nothingness. Only loved expressed here survives. It is not unusual to hear of somebody acting like the own the world or will live forever. They don’t ‘own’ the world; in Reality, they ARE the World, the eternal Source of All That Is, including what looks like us.

No Need for Politics in Enlightenment

To the truly enlightened, they are not here. They have truly awakened into the Heart of Source. This is different than the popular use of the phrase ‘ woke,’ which means more like a consciousness of racism, oppression, and injustice. There are many forms this wokeness takes, including activism and worse. It is often returning bad with bad, often in progressive socialist pronouncements. For some, it’s hard to watch the politics of personal destruction and not respond in-kind. The truly enlightened would look past the attacks and see the crystal clear innocent part of a brother or sister. It’s also hard to see brothers and sisters try to create an earthly utopian society while retaining all the personal characteristics that will prevent it from being successful. This includes thinking we are bodies, paying attention to those bodies, fighting, attacking, blaming, thinking the physical world is real and not forgiving. An enlightened person, while seeing what we are doing to each other, realizes what one does to another, we do to our Self, and trys to extend only love, no matter the cirumstance.

Politics is Big Business, Power and Control 

Politics is about controlling/governing the "masses." Those who think they know more than the rest of us and work to pass laws, regulations, executive orders, etc to "regulate" us, often use force and punishment to accomplish their goals. They usually exempt themselves from these very same rules. There can be no enlightenment without love, respect, and appreciation for the wisdom and heart of "the masses." Often rules are OK - it's the fine print and the over-zealous enforcement that is problematic. The enlightened see evil in this temporary world and decline to condemn it. They see the eternal within the temporary and focus on the divinity of Life. Even evil must be forgiven and loved, as that is an imperative to enlightenment. To not be able todo so, defaulting into hate, depression, rage, or revenge only keeps the world dark, in need of a candle to remind them of Eternity. Politics gives one ample opportunity to practice forgiveness and extend only love, no matter the whisperings of Ego screaming for vengeance! In the end, Heaven is the only Real place.

Seek the light inside:

      The sight, the vision, and the inner Guide all lead you out of hell with those you love beside you, and the universe with them. - ACIM (T-31.VII.7:7)