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Enlightened Politiholic

For those of us who care about politics... too much.

Who Are We?

Dec 5, 2019

Are we "One with All Things" or are we billions of unique individuals? How do you herd cats? Or are we sheep? Politics is about the rules people use to run a government, be it a city, state, or country. It is an art, some say a science; it depends on whom you talk to and the assumptions they make on who we are… and who they are.

What We think We Are Colors Our Perception

The answer to who we are is all over the map of possibilities. Some are spiritual, some practical, but some are seen through the lens of baser individual needs, like greed for money, sex, or power. For others, it appears to be tribal, based on who our “team” is, or the projected personality of the person running for office. Decisions are based on perceptions of the dukes mixture of all these factors.

Fighting For The Good

Seldom do we see purists in politics and seldom do they remain pure. Policies of government affect large groups and individuals. All of them fight for what they perceive as good for themselves, and occasionally, all concerned. Sometimes it is hard to determine what is good for all of us and are more concerned about what is good for ourselves and those who support us finanacially. Win-win solutions so often are not even sought after.


Long ago the American founders realized that government based on the whims of small groups and individuals (like a king) was grossly unfair to large groups as well as individuals. Even worse is the “tyranny of the majority,” or pure democracy, where the winners could take advantage of and subjugate the losers. One side could vote to tax the other side for their own benefit. The concept of the rule of law was put into place to slow down the onslaught of purists, the greedy, and the downright dishonest. Fairness should be for all involved, not just small groups, even if they are deserving.

Differences VS Similarities

Another aspect of who we are is how we think of each other – are we fellow human beings, equal and joined at some level, born of the same Source? Or are we truly different, separated by race, gender, religion,region/country of origin, caste, skin color, sexual preference, food preference, economic background, city, state, or country of birth? Data collector and lawyers love to find and track our apparent differences to the point where these difference can be weaponized to justify lawsuits, new laws, or just pure hatred. Many of these difference are creative and destroy all pretense of togetherness or oneness of purpose.

We All Want to Feel Good About Ourselves

The view of the enlightened is that Love is all that is Real. Love is at the core of the Christianity,Buddhism, and the other religions, at their core. Trouble is, there are many examples of people who do not practice this, who separate spirituality from politics… and this is the problem. The American Experiment is based on a shared moral core, rooted in universal spirituality. Without it, the founders did not hold out a lot of hope for it lasting. Whether it loving our neighbors as ourselves or treating others as we would like to be treated, seeing each other as competitors to be vanquished or enslaved, etc. is NOT enlightened and only perpetuates ignorance, anger, hatred, and disillusionment. It is not surprising that many feel the need of opioids, suicide, and technological immersion.

Can Socialism or any -ism Perfect Society?

Can togetherness be forced on us through socialism? If everyone has everything they need, is that enough? Will they soon want everything they want? Will policy soon be followed by police to make sure that people are doing and/or saying the “right” things? When I see people shouting down other opinions, I wonder what those folk are thinking of the people they hate enough to demonstrate against or “flash-mob.” Government is a necessary evil to meet needs individuals can’t. It can become invasive, no matter what type it is. The question here is, is socialism a better mechanism to perfecting society… and will it last?

Is Oneness an Illusion?

One wonder seriously about people who say they are spiritual and espouse the unity of all mankind and then denounce the folks in the other party. One must learn to love Donald Trump, Nancy Peolosi, Barack Obama, Marianne Williamson, Vladimi Putin, Sean Hannity, and Adolf Hitler. Aren't they all brothers and sisters of equal value to our Creator? How about those of us who see all of us as ONE with the Creator? In that sense, attacking anyone is attacking our Self and prevents us from feeling the Reality of that Oneness. How one sees themselves and others is key to how they approach life. Politics is one area where it is most evident if one is looking out only for themselves or society as a whole.

Fighting For a Sustainable Future

Many, if not most of the followers of Donald Trump, see a flawed human being, but also a courageous and brave soul who is fighting for the preservation of the rule of law and the preservation of our ability to remain a health country. He is willing to fight for his ideals of a more perfect union.  For this country to work, we all have to work together, respecting the workers and leaders, finding the balance between giving people incentives to work hard and giving to those who need more. There is a difference between personality and fair policies. There will be problems when politicians use the laws to enrich only their own side. It will be a problem until both sides seek policies that benefit the country as a whole, not seek to fundamentally change it without a huge mandate to do it. Trump epitomizes the desire by many to remain in control of their own country, limit excesses in migration, border control, abortion, and other divisive issues. There are huge issues being ignored right now, not the first of which is unsustainable and unfair fiscal policy. The United States is not and should not be the world’s police force, emergency first responder, or social worker. Mostly we were not invited and often not welcomed. That is not sustainable, nor should we even try. Doing for others what they should be doing for themselves is not a favor.

We Are Our Brothers Keeper as Long as We are Strong

Trump had demonstrated that his heart and his fortune are thrown in with the rule of law and finding sustainable prosperity for the US. Only when the US defines itself and its borders can it be strong enough be the shining beacon of Love to a world in need of it. In this world one cannot give what one doesn’t have. Some would have us give away everything we have without a care as to how we can take care of ourselves. Trouble is, if we cannot take care of ourselves, if we have lost incentives to succeed, to produce, to lead and prosper, we will have lost our way. If we are enlightened - and everyone else is, too - giving it all away is great. If you give away everything away and there is still great need, then what? Send our brother and sisters away, and maybe go with them?

We are Brothers and Sisters in Union With the Divine

Most enlightened folk come to the conclusion that we live in two worlds: the physical, temporary one and the spiritual one of our mind and heart. Love and Ideas are forever, but bodies and the world are not. Our goal is to extend the Love of our Creator to all we meet and remind them that they, too, have the same task. All must be forgiven, yet all must eat, be sheltered and cared for while we are here. Getting too caught up in the temporary can be a detriment to our returning home to the Eternal Life of Love. Really and truly, our brothers and sisters are only trying to help us spiritually!