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The Blame for the Shutdown

Jan 2, 2019

This is a classic Ego tactic – two sides blaming each other for the lack of agreement on a major issue, like what kind of country this should be. There is no such thing as being completely correct and the other side completely wrong – we won’t play that game here. There are always two sides to every story in Ego’s World.

Does That Make You Happy?

Both sides believe they are doing the “right thing.” They both want to be right. However, as A Course in Miracles famously said, “Do you prefer to be right or happy?" Correctness is debatable and right now, nobody seems to be happy. One side wants border walls, the other refuses to fund it. The shutdown is the last straw to get it done before two predictable years of gridlock. The shutdown over building a Wall just might be a leading issue in the next election cycle starting now – on both sides. The Wall issue is not going away.

Walls Define Countries, Yards, Rooms

In this world, borders go with having a country. Walls, in general, are very common and most homes have structural walls and many have walls or fences around their property for protection against people that mean them harm. There are at least 65 countries that have built secure walls on their borders, according to this article in the UK’s Daily Mail. Many of these walls have been built with US money or assistance. Many, many billions have been spent. Do we need a Wall on our southern border?  The fact is about a half million non-citizens have been storming our border and entering illegally each year according to the (US Customs and Border Patrol site).

Reasons for Coming to America

Citizens of Central America want to come to the US for many reasons. 

 Some are valid:

  1. People want to visit the US to shop, study or work.
  2. Legitimate political refugees seeking asylum.

If you want something from someone else, it is common to get in line. That means the grocery store, school, restaurants, drivers licenses, going through TSA at the airport, getting on the airplane, getting off the airplane, church services, in fact just about anywhere where groups of people congregate, waiting for something. Getting impatient and jumping the line is considered rude, inconsiderate, and in this case, illegal.

Would-be US migrants still need to be patient and wait in line. If they cannot wait, they should go back home and wait until the line is shorter. That’s the way it works with lines for “popular” things. 

 Many people are not coming here for deserving reasons: 

  • They are poor and want to access our job market, health system, and other social welfare resources. [They should look to their own country for these benefits].
  • Mexican cartels trafficking highly addictive and illegal drugs intothe US. Check out this NYT article.
  • Mexican cartels smuggling young girls into the US for sex slavery and prostitution.
  • Terrorists from around the world who “blend into” the US and join “sleeper cells.”

Trying to Figure Out Who is Lying and Who is Telling the Truth

It’s hard to tell which people are which when people just decide to ignore our laws and cross the border without proper documents. Once here by breaking our laws, it’s easier to break others laws because of sanctuary city policies in many jurisdictions. Our federal laws are geared to process a certain number of people at the border, but the large extra loads are overwhelming our society and governmental budgets.

How Many Undocumented Aliens Can We Afford?

Is this country rich – or is it $21,000,000,000,000 in debt? People may be rich, but the government is not. It is totally bankrupt and what is worse, it is often not acknowledged. Many who claim Government as their “higher power”are in total denial about the debt,  the percentage of the federal budget that pays for interest on the debt and how much the undocumented add to that debt over and above any taxes they might pay. Walls, Border Patrol Agents all over the country, and those who go on assistance just add to the debt.

For the Wall, But Now Against It

Why are some against the wall? Is it hatred of the President, as many have suggested? All of the Democrats in Washington, including Pelosi and Schumer, have voted for a wall on the southern border in 2006. Why the change in heart? If it is personal, that is one thing. But usually, in this crazy world, you have to “follow the money” and figure out who’s power is being threatened. These are the major motives of most politicians: greed and fear. Greed for money and power and fear of loss of power and money. If you get in the way, you are destroyed personally and any other way possible. It is a war for dominance. The Wall is just the issue du jour. 

What is the loving thing?

A Wall to prevent the overrunning of the border helps those who are desirable for entry into our country by weeding out those who have nothing to contribute and or mean us harm. If no one jumped the border and no one encouraged them to do so, the Wall would soon not be necessary. It is the disregard for law and order that makes it necessary. If all people, in all countries, respected each other’s laws, walls and prisons would not be necessary. 

Those who oppose walls must remember these common sayings:

What you permit, you promote.

What you allow, you encourage.

What you condone, you own.

- Attributed to many different sources.

Not Following Our Own Laws promotes Lawlessness   

The Loving Thing is that which promotes harmony, love, respect, and appreciation among all concerned. Forget anyone and it won’t work well. If you make special exemptions, even though they are well-meaning, it just encourages others to pretend or argue that they also qualify. Helping those who ignore the law encourages others to do the same.  It isn’t loving to steal money from some else (taxpayers) to help those who are less fortunate without their expressed permission. Robin Hood was still a robber. Taxes are a forced taking of money and are not voluntary. Government charity is not really charity: it is government playing favorites, playing politics.

Real Charity is Personal Not Governmental

Charity on a small and personal level is what spiritual teachers had in mind and it works. Giving money to government and scammers online is problematic. Some really do need money because they cannot do for themselves. The problem often is figuring who those people are and forcing those who can help themselves to do just that. Those who could but won’t help themselves often become permanently dependent on government andresentful when it isn’t enough. Its the impersonal and bureaucratic aspect of government agencies that can’t tell the difference – it kills the loving charitable spirit and makes it “the job.” People need the positive personal contact and role modeling that goes with personal giving.

It used to be that people helped each other people with their own resources, both individually and as small groups. Examples are churches and charitable organizations like the Red Cross, etc. Nobody was forced to give money, goods, or time to these groups. They were personal and fulfilled a loving motive. It is not the same thing when we transfer our love and generosity to the politicians in Washington and the two million people who work in the federal bureaucracy. Politicians play to their base voters, not doing what is right for all concerned.

Globalism and Open Borders Ethos

Those who promote an open border between the US and Mexico ignore that it is a one-sided deal: Mexico strictly enforces it’s border laws. The motives of US citizens who promote illegal migration are not pure. First of all, they are aiding and abetting law-breaking. A loving person who willfully breaks the law is not loving, but showing disrespect for the rights and decisions of others. Aiding and abetting others to do the same is both disrespectful and an attack on the whole US system of laws. This is wrong and unethical unless you are intent on destroying the American government and way of life. That is another sad story.

Attacks Not Helpful

Those who constantly and personally attack our duly elected leaders are not loving and are blindly giving in to Ego’s onslaughts. Those who demand the other side make concessions, yet are unwilling to do it themselves are hypocrites. Those who promote a double standard of justice are also hypocrites of the worst stripe. Yet, these are our brothers and sisters and deserving of love and forgiveness, if not our vote.

Figuring Out What to do:

It’s hard for any loving person to understand how the whole world works and what is the right thing to do for all concerned. Only the Divine knows everything and is aware of what is in the best interest of ALL concerned.

Heaven  On Earth is Up to Me

Heaven on earth is an inside job, not outside. For an interesting take, try this post from Beverly Hutchinson McNeff of