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Enlightened Politiholic

For those of us who care about politics... too much.

Politics is an Addiction of the Highest Order

Dec 23, 2018

Heaven and politics are an oxymoron – they do not go together. Until now.

Our purpose here is to get into the weeds of American Politics – and find our way forward to Heaven. It is not an easy task since we politiholics take things so seriously. In fact, we are addicted to the sense of power that goes with these serious and weighty issues, to the sense of entitlement, and to the sense of being right about what is good for everybody else.

Politicians at the Beginning

Let us observe: Beginning politicians start with the goal of doing good and correcting evil policies. People who vote for them believe they can and will do the job they promised. However, the “giant sucking sound” comes when the politician realizes they will have to deal with re-election. Initial intentions usually change if not disappear. Sometimes what is “right” is not possible or practical.

The Dilemma Faced by all New Politicians

If it weren’t for all the other politicians trying to get stuff for their constituents, especially free stuff paid for by “somebody else,” it might be easier. Few people worry about the conflict between the government printing all the money it wants… and the mounting debt and interest on that Federal debt. It is fast becoming the largest single expenditure in the Federal budget! The problem can be as simple as realizing that the choice is between 1) spending money and passing laws for constituents to fix any and all problems, making the debt worse, or 2) fighting for sanity in fiscal policy and equality in laws… and not getting re-elected. Very few politicians get anything done because nobody wants to fix a system that they benefit from. If politicians fixed everything, they would no longer be needed. Eventually, though, all they mostly want to do is to get re-elected and retire well-to-do, pensions plus.

The Struggle Between Right and Getting Elected

When you convince yourself and others that getting money for poor people, sick people, mistreated people, disadvantaged people, in fact anybody with an argument that they have been treated unjustly – it makes you feel good. It makes you feel powerful that you were able to help them – and get re-elected! Too bad it isn’t sustainable for the long run, “I will get mine now and let somebody else fix the system later when I am long gone.” It is kicking the can down the road to avoid anything that will prevent them from getting elected. Money, power, and “being right” is an addiction of the highest order.

Is Politics an Obsession for you?

Politiholism, like other addictions, isn’t a big problem until it interferes with your ability to function in everyday life. For many of us, this obsession creates enemies of family and friends and prevents constructive, creative, and sustainable problems we face as a nation. We are talking win-win solutions, not the politics of personal destruction we often see.

What is an enlightened person to do?

Heaven is all around us. We are all made of God-stuff, worthy of love, intimately connected. The biblical injunction is to “Love our neighbor as our self.” This world is temporary. We all are tasked with loving each other and forgiving each other as many times asit takes. Perhaps it is even more important to “Love One Another” because if we do not, we won’t fit in with Perfect Love, Peace and Joy. Intriguingly, making a lot of money, by whatever means, will not buy a place in Heaven. It is totally an inside job and one must learn to see this world differently.

Is This Paradise?

When we see each other as separate from ourselves and not as a part of the Human Family, we see falsely. Adam may have opted to learn about good and evil, life and death, etc. in Genesis, but the fact is his Home is still Paradise. It is still there. Genesis is the story of how we got to this temporary physical world, which is not Eternal Paradise in most ways. The New Testament and many other writings outline how to get back.

Sorting Out Hell From Heaven

This blog will concentrate on sorting out how we got to thinking that pain is pleasure and that love is threatening and dangerous. We are often confused about what we really want and how to attain it. We often ask for what will frighten us and bring us suffering. Let us not confuse pain with joy or fear with love. These and other contradictions are at the core of the political disagreement.

Using Politics to Become Truly Enlightened

This is the goal of this blog: to find a truly spiritual way of looking at Politics in such a way as to find our way Home, to Heaven. Often is to stop being so full of ourselves and listen for divine guidance! We must find a way to “Love our neighbor” and do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

       "Father, this is Your Day. It is a day in which I would do nothing by myself, but hear your Voice in everything I do: requesting only what You offer me, accepting only Thoughts You share with me."

ACIM – Lesson 339