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Enlightened Politiholic

For those of us who care about politics... too much.

Are You a Politiholic?

Dec 28, 2018

Is Politics the Most Important Thing in Your Life?

Many of our brothers and sister care too much about American Politics, including me sometimes.

Do You Hate the President or any Politician?

I have come to the view that when I hate any brother or sister, I am the only one who feels bad about it. It doesn’t change anything. In fact, it usually gets in the way of my spiritual growth. There has got to be a way to be spiritually aware and warm-hearted to ALL my brothers and sisters, including ALL politicians.

Can People With Opposing Viewpoints Get Along?

There are many friends who espouse opposing viewpoints and in many cases, intensely dislike those who do not agree with them. This blog will observe these opinions and find the good in them, be they socialist or conservative, Christian or atheist, traditional or new thought. I have lost friends when they see the bumper stickers on my car or the signs in my yard. Does it mean I am a bad person?

Are We So Involved That We Can’t Tolerate Anyone Who Thinks Differently Than We Do?

Many of us hear the voice of conscience, yet are caught up in the ideas of “our side.” Others are convinced that some of our leaders are liars and leading our country in the wrong direction. Others think we should love everyone, no matter where they were born or how they got to the US. Others believe this is a land ruled by laws, which should be respected, while others believe laws can be ignored if they do not believe they are right. Sometimes people get into long knock-down arguments and feelings are hurt. Do we get so involved we can’t even hear “the other side” without going off on them?

Bias is Not The Same As Truth

It appears that everyone has biases, whether they are aware of them or not. This blog takes the point of view that we are responsible for how we feel, and in a very real way, what we experience. Our job is NOT to judge and condemn, but more to see the crystal-clear fire of the divine in each of us, whether or not they agree with us. In a world where everything is temporary and a new day or new election is just around the corner, what we think is true today might not even be around tomorrow! This is viewpoint, or bias, is geared toward promoting the Life of each of us, the Liberty or free will of all of us, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the freedom to creatively express ourselves, even if others don’t like it. One of the critical parts of this to respect our Divine Source within each of us. The key to making this work is to follow the inner guidance we receive but often fail to listen to!

Recovering From Politholism

This blog is aimed at helping us extricate ourselves from our fascination, perhaps even addiction to politics, even if it destroys our relationships with our friends and family, preventing us from dealing successfully with our problems. Perhaps we can help intervene and begin seeing things differently and extend Love and Light to those we disagree with. Perhaps we can begin seeing that caring for all of our neighbors is more important than condemning some of them, a move that is more likely to lead to cooperation and good self-esteem. Politiholism can lead to us becoming suicidal, depressed and seeking to bury our feelings, not to mention alcoholism, drug addiction and uncontrolled hatred. Let us bring the light of understanding to our world and not give up!